Busy days…

It’s been pretty hectic around here the past few days. I’ve been doing Master Gardener training every Tuesday and Thursday. That means that I have to go to the office on Monday, which leaves only Wednesday and Friday to keep up with Corbin’s home school work. He’s been doing really well with keeping his routine, but without me there being actively engaged in the process, the quality of his work has really dropped off. He’s still moving forward, just not fast forward.

I think it’s all worth it though. I’m learning a ton in Master Gardener class that will ultimately benefit Corbin and the whole family. Each day we have at least 1 speaker who is generally an expert in their field. All of the speakers so far have really been great. They all seem so excited about the topics they are presenting… it’s infectious. I’ve met some really cool people in the program too. As valuable as the information I’m receiving in class has been, I know the true value will be in the service hours portion of my training. I’ll be working alongside some pretty amazing gardeners. I’m super excited about that part.

One more update on our mega train trip next month, Grandma and her sister are officially joining me and Corbin! She’s really excited to be coming. I’m a bit more excited to have them along too. Safety in numbers I guess. Every day there has been a new drama with getting all of the rail passes purchased, and the journey booked. I know it will all be worth it in the end!

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