Sadie Sadie married lady

Well… It’s a thing. I’m a Kuykendall. I’m so very happy. 11/24/2012 is the actual date. I’ve learned so much already. I’m in full throttle bible-studying-how-to-be-a-wife-learning mode. I’ve read some good books that are helping me. I’m also doing this Advent reading of the entire New Testament presented by Seedbed. So far I’m keeping up. I’m praying that I can keep keeping it up. I don’t think I’ve ever read the whole NT. Especially not all at once.

I’m also reading:

Which is helping me understand the Advent reading even better!

I just finished:

Which I didn’t really love, but I learned from it. It helped me understand the perspective of the Old Testament better, and gave me a better understanding of some of the characters.

Also in November I finished:

Which I love love lovey loved.

Yesterday I finished:

I really liked it, and I learned a lot from it, but she lost me when she went political on some of the things. I’ll probably read it again later when my knowledge of the bible grows.

Today I’m going to start a daily message to David that I want to try to keep track of for each day of the first year of our marriage. I’ll surprise him with it on our anniversary. We are so in love right now. I really want to capture all of these feelings so I can pull them back out when times are rough.

I’m also happy happy happy that God has pushed me to starting this FlyLady program. It’s helping so much. I’m on Day 9 today of the Baby Steps. So awesome. It also inspired me to get back on the treadmill for the past 3 days to try to get my body healthy for some hard-core God service! It’s coming soon and I NEED TO BE READY!!!!!