No news is good news

Corbin is gone to church camp for the week. In our parent orientation Sunday, they stressed the fact that, “No news is good news.” That sent my little brain off on a tangent thinking about some of the ways that my life has changed since I stopped watching the news.

It’s not like I cover my ears if it comes on or anything, I just don’t seek it out. I have a general awareness of things going on out there. It just seems that every time I happen to hear the news it’s the same old stories. Most of it involves people showing other people their wobbly bits. I just really don’t know why that affects my life in any way. I’m fairly certain that if my children were ever “exposed” to such horrors, they, like me, would laugh and get away from the person. No news here, just some random perv.

Not seeing the news has impacted so many things that I’m just now realizing. Evidently there is a tropical storm headed for Florida right now. There was a small chance it would come here to Houston, but it didn’t. This whole even would have previously consumed my life. I would have been constantly checking the weather sites and blogs to see if we were in the path, or maybe the path changed… And why? It’s effin’ rain already. If it did end up coming here, I’m 99.9% sure that I would hear about it. There is no need for me to spend ANY time seeking out useless information.

Something that struck me earlier on the hurricane front is the fact that Grandma hasn’t uttered a peep about the current tropical storm to me. This is interesting because if the news says it will sprinkle she psycho calls me to see if we are okay. This means two possible things to me: Possibility #1 she’s mad at me because I have been busy canning and haven’t called her much in the past few days, or Possibility #2 that she is starting to get it that I really don’t obsess about the news. hmm Probably #1.

  Anywhooo, speaking of canning, I have made 21 pints of fig preserves as of midnight last night. The tree is still laden with fruit. My fingers are still sore. So much more work to do…

Kadota Figs

Our fig tree is cranking this year. I have already harvested about 50 lbs of figs. Yesterday I peeled figs for preserves for 5 hours. About 3 hours into it, the skin on my fingers started to show blisters from the acidity so I put on gloves. This morning my nail beds are all bleeding and painful. What a ‘tard! I’m off to find recipes I can use for my figs that don’t involve peeling them, since the trees are still FULL of figs. Ugh…

Weird Dream

Last night I had a dream about an underground house. I’m fairly sure that I have had dreams about this house before. In the dream my cousin and her family are needing a place to live so I mention that I have this little underground place they can fix up. I told her that it had flooded before but since it was summer they probably wouldn’t have to worry about that. Then I realize that I haven’t even really be in there. Evidently it was there when we bought the house, built by previous owners, and I have never gotten around to going into it. I go down there to check it out and it turns out to be this massive place with all sorts of rooms and stuff in it. Maybe I should start digging around in the back yard looking for doors? 🙂