Train Adventure ~ Days 14 & 15 (New Orleans and HOME!!!)



We departed Atlanta at about 10am and arrived in New Orleans at 9pm the same day. Our train was late again. By the time we arrived to our hotel, it was pretty late. We originally planned to eat dinner at a restaurant somewhere, however since it was so late when we arrived we decided to eat in the hotel restaurant.

The next morning our train was due to depart at 9am so we paid our taxi driver to take us on a little tour of New Orleans. It was interesting to see the aftermath of the previous night’s partying on the streets. One of the highlights was seeing a guy painted silver picking up trash on the street.

We were so excited to get home most of Louisiana went by in a blur really. There were some good educational opportunities seeing all of the sugar cane farming. We spent quite a bit of time researching their farming practices as well as the sugar cane processing techniques.

Seeing out family standing on the platform as we pulled into the Houston station was overwhelmingly exciting! Don’t get me wrong, we had so much fun, but there really is no place like home!

Since we arrived home, everyone wants to know how we planned this trip and what it cost. I’ll write another post with a more detailed answer to those questions. Thanks for following along on our journey!

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