Junk Food Junkie

I recently read a book titled Made To Crave. There was some really good stuff in there, but the outcome has been that now I totally beat myself up over every package of yellow zingers. It has been revealed to me that I’m putting my sweet tooth between me and God. The book spouted a steady stream of bible verse after bible verse related to food that I totally didn’t follow. The book says you should repeat a few positive affirmations they give you to help you deal with food cravings. The very first day after I completed the book, I went there. I was dying for a frosty. Truly dying… So I
prayed for the strength to fight through it. A few minutes later… Corbin and I are sitting in the drive-thru at Wendy’s. After a long long wait I get up to the window, and they only prepared 1 frosty for the two of us. It actually worked! I left without my frosty. I’m such a freaking junkie I have NEVER repeated that process again. I’m scared to death to beat this apparently. I am so freaking jacked up! I think I need to read the darn book again or something…

Shampoo and other shortcomings.

I started this post, and an email came in so I got distracted reading it. Now I’m sitting here reading a CaringBridge update by a former classmate who has a 4-month-old baby who was born with serious problems. I started this post thinking about how bad I feel about not being smart enough to find a shampoo I like that won’t strip the color from my hair… and now the wind is completely out of my sails on that. (Thank goodness right?…)

Right now more than ever it seems like there are some big words floating around my little world. Disability, adoption, and Faith in Action seem to be the themes for the past few weeks. My very best friend is going through testing to determine if her unborn baby will have any trouble. (There were some troubling test results that require further investigation.) Another friend’s son has recently been accepted into the Special Olympics program. And then there is this mom whose son is struggling to survive every day of his life so far. Some other people close to us are going through an adoption. Again and again in my reading I keep coming across the concept of Faith in Action. David is too. Could all of this tie together?

We were talking about the prospect of being empty nesters in a few years (7 or so) and he is pretty much on the same page as I have always been about adoption. We can’t imagine a house with no children living in it.

The only thing is that I am pretty much the worst mom ever. For one thing, the twins are out tonight attending a midnight screening of The Avengers ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!!! Granted, they are with a youth pastor, BUT STILL! They have SAT’s Saturday. And then this evening Corbin came home from the neighbor’s house with his whole tummy scraped from sliding down a tree trunk with his shirt off. He was trying so hard to hold back his tears and I didn’t even hug him! I applied antibiotic ointment etc., but I know what I really should have done was take his little wounded self in my arms and coddle him. I know that would have been a worse thing since he was trying to be so tough in front of David, BUT STILL!! A real mom would have done it.

UGH! Maybe I should just go back to beating myself up over my lack of girl skills because the only shampoo that really makes my hair feel clean and soft is Head and Shoulders which it strips the color out leaving me with a big ole’ orange mess atop my gourd.