Happy Liver News!

I’ve held off posting updates on my ongoing liver debacle, but I am happy to report that my liver enzymes have been (mostly) stable for the past 3 weeks! This means I’m finally healing. The past few months have been such a roller coaster ride. I’ve had every different kind of weird side effect and drug interaction from blue urine to visual hallucinations. LOL! I cringe when someone asks me how I am most days, because I either have to lie, or go into a way TMI explanation that makes me sound like some kind of weird hypochondriac.

Presently they have reduced my steroids quite a bit, but my immunosuppressive/chemo drug has been doubled, so I’ve mostly been having to hide out in the house to keep from getting some cooties out in the world. They are tinkering around with my hormones, so the next few weeks might still be a little bit chaotic, but I’m really hopeful that I’ll be back to my standard abnormal self by the spring!

Happy Days are here again!