Train Adventure ~ Day 13 (Atlanta)


Day 13


After spending another rough night sleeping in coach on the train, we were really excited to get to Atlanta. The Crescent arrived a few hours behind schedule; the scenery was nice though so we didn’t mind. Our hotel room wasn’t quite ready when we arrived so they let us store our luggage behind the front desk so we could go explore the area.

Our first stop was The World of Coca Cola. Despite my skepticism about this place, I was pleasantly surprised. It was cheesy, and interesting in equal measures. There are all sorts of things you would expect like Coca Cola memorabilia etc., but there was also a pretty neat high-tech fun-house element to the tour which kept us intrigued to see what was next. There was one room wherein if you stood in certain areas it felt and sounded like someone was whispering in your ear. It was weird and cool. At the end of the tour there is a room with over 65 flavors of Coca Cola products to sample. I’m proud and disgusted to report that we tasted all of them. Some of them were really gross, but when in Rome…

Next up was the Georgia Aquarium right next door. We had a blast here too! One of the exhibits was called Sea Monsters Revealed. Using a polymer preservation technique, the exhibit exposes what is inside of all sorts of sea life. It’s incredible!

It was starting to rain when we finished exploring the Aquarium, so we took the hotel shuttle back to our hotel. We decided not to get out for dinner that evening so we ordered in and just hung around the hotel for the evening.




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