Back to school for Cole.

I dropped Cole off at his dorm for RA training today. He’s excited for this challenge. This will be the first time he and Kyle aren’t living in the same room in their lives!

Before I dropped him off we went to HEB to pick up a few groceries. I think he earned a new respect for the whole grocery shopping process since he was spending his money on his food. I initially let him go in and pick up a few things, and then I went in to see how he was doing. It was pretty funny to see that he had no idea what the prices were of any of the items he had put in the cart. From there, I showed him how to compare prices etc. When we were at the register, I asked him how much he thought the total would be, and I told him my estimate. My estimate was about fifty cents over the total, and his was about ten dollars below the actual total.

I’ve taken the boys with me to the store countless times over the years, and I’ve droned on and on about the process of grocery shopping. And I’ve sent them in by themselves many times too. It’s funny how they never really learn until it’s actually practical to their lives.


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