Gearing up for the school year.

This year I’m implementing Library day every other Thursday. If possible, we may do it weekly from 5 to 9, but I really want to try to go at least a few times a month. I think this will help remove distractions and get the kids focused on projects or homework etc.

Another thing I’m focused on right now is gearing up for meals. Here are my ideas for things I want to put in the freezer.

1. Breakfast Tacos

2. Sausage Biscuits

3. Uncrustables

4. Soups

5. Homemade bread

6. Muffins

7. Homemade biscuit dough

8. Dinners – There are a lot I can do. I just have to figure them out. There are @ 40 weeks of school. I would like to have something quick for Mondays (Scouts) and Thursday (Library Day).

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