That’s my word for today. I think it describes the way I see the year ahead of me. I’m a bit irritated with myself because I don’t feel like I have a clear sense of direction for the new year. I’m not a resolution girl, but I do like to have a general idea about what I’m trying to do. I know that I’m supposed to be just fully trusting that God has a plan for me this year — so I guess I’m just being impatient.

I have really tried not to over-schedule my time this year because, in addition to this new homeschool challenge, I’m also participating in the Montgomery County Master Gardener Internship Program. (This makes me yippy-skippy happy!!!!) On Tuesdays and Thursdays for 7 weeks I will attend all-day training seminars taught by experts in various gardening-related fields ranging from water conservation to plant pathology. After the classroom section is over, I have the rest of the year to complete 60 hours of volunteer time in gardens maintained by Montgomery County. Of those 60 hours I have to spend: 8-hours in the floral garden, 8-hours in the vegetable gardens, 4-hours each in: Bog garden, herb garden, orchard/composting/adaptive, Aquaponics/Discovery Garden, Greenhouse, Shadehouse, Phone Room, Bee Keeping Area, and then there are 16 discretionary hours I can spend anywhere.

I know all of this sounds like a lot, but like I said, it’s broken up all across they year so it really isn’t too much. Corbin is going to be participating in the 4H Junior Master Gardener program so he will be with me most of the time too. So I don’t think I’m taking away from his homeschool time.

I’m just bummed about missing several weeks of a bible study at church with my bible study friends.

First world problems right?

I just don’t want to get off course from last year’s progress. God has brought me a long way, and I want to be sure that I’m still going in the right direction. Maybe God is trying to keep me from getting too comfortable in my routine?

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