2014. Bring it.

I’m coming out swinging this year.

2013 was an amazing year; likely a strong contender for the best year of my life so far. The twins graduated from high school, became Eagle scouts, and went to college. My full-time job was scaled back to part time, allowing me more time to make a commitment to homeschool Corbin. David and I are closer than we have ever been this year. He carried me through the rough transition when the twins went off to college… and a million other struggles I encountered this year. Every time I fell apart, he lifted me up and pointed me back to God. What a blessing it is to be married to someone like that!

One other thing I am proud of from last year is the deepening of friendships with several of my bible study friends. I feel so blessed to have so many godly women in my life now, who a year ago were just passing acquaintances. It’s really cool to have a group of people who will help pray me through whatever challenges I face. They inspire me, and help me stay in the lighted path God has set me on.

Oh and something that I just wrapped up yesterday, I READ THE WHOLE ENTIRE BIBLE! I used this version, which split it up into daily readings. For 2014 I’m trying thisĀ chronological version that also includes commentary. It will be interesting because I am planning to read each day’s section with Corbin as a part of his homeschool curriculum. It will be interesting to see how that routine plays out.

Thank you God for 2013! I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring!

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