Confessions of a Jesus stalker.

It’s true. Please don’t tell Bob Goff. I was working in the workbook of one of the 8 or so bible studies I’m currently participating in, and I realized it. My excuse is that my church is awesome, and simply offers too much cool stuff. Usually I’m only working on a few at a time, but ’tis the season of Lent so I’ve picked up a few extras. Admitting you have a problem is the first step right?

In my defense I have this strong urge to understand God in a way that I can share with others without feeling like I’m leading them off course. I don’t know, maybe that’s not quite it actually. Whatever the reason, I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is in and around me leading me to things that I’m meant to understand. A year ago I would have never thought of uttering that statement without feeling weird and uncomfortable in the extreme.

I feel so close to God right now. I know I’m able to say this because of the deeper understanding I have about His true nature, and the relationship He wants with me. So call me what you will, I think Jesus doesn’t mind a bit.

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