Cork popping

My children are amazing. I know that all moms think that about their babies, but mine really are. Sometimes other adults approach me with (literally) tears in their eyes to tell me how amazing they think my children are too. I say all of this to preface the fact that they are lazy little monsters and I frequently flip out because they just seem to be strolling through life without a care in the world. They are missing so many opportunities. The problem here is with the end of the last sentence that I didn’t type. “They are missing so many opportunities… That I never had.” That’s right sports fans, once again we find that I’m trying to make the world all about me. I’m trying to force my will where it is futile. I have to let God have the situation. There is nothing I can do. I pray that God would give me the words to say and the things to do to motivate them, but I can assure you that the words I use to discuss the situation are most definitely NOT God words. So I’m putting this situation in a little box and handing it over to God today. I have said I would do this before and I keep on meddling. That’s all over now.

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