Had it.

I’m in a state of total panic right now regarding my work situation. This is such a long story that I hate to even start typing it. Since I’m pretty sure I’m not publishing this for the public’s boredom, I’ll do it anyway.

Early in February the owner of the company I work(ed) full-time for sent me a cryptic email one evening about a meeting the next morning to introduce a new operations employee. This is strange because I was the only operations person, and there isn’t enough work for two people. So the next morning in our video conference (I work from home) I’m introduced to a very nice man whom is apparently my replacement. This was on a Tuesday and to backtrack a few days, the previous Thursday we had a little company party to celebrate what a wonderful job I was doing, and how great everything was. As little sense as this makes, it made even less sense to me at the time. I was flabbergasted, humiliated… my head was just spinning. Everyone felt pretty much the same way as I did. What it comes down to is that I am now a part-time employee because there are certain things I can do that  the new guy can’t, and they want me to stick around until it is busy enough to go back to full-time. The new guy is a friend/former employee from many years ago who left to start his own business. (A competitor.) Of the 4 other employees who were in the meeting that morning, 2 have quit as a result of the way I was treated. I don’t know why I have stayed. I’m so frustrated with myself for not quitting. Now I realize that I haven’t been paid for the past 3 weeks and I’ve gone into full-blown panic mode. I’m frantically applying for jobs and just generally freaking out about what to do. I have a few other part-time streams of income, but there is no way I can cover everything with those. Every few days, the new guy (my new boss whom I have now trained to do my job) calls me to be sure I’m still on board to work there. I have no idea what is really going on there. I know they are broke, but I can’t work for free. This is just all so crazy. I’m praying my head off just that God would guide me and show me what I’m supposed to do.

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