Day 1

Well today is day 1. Here’s the plan:

1. No food for as long as possible. The longest actual water fast I have done was 5 days. I didn’t actually do it, God picked me up by the scruff of the neck and carried me through it. I’ll see how long God wants me to fast this time.

2. No fast food when I do eat. I will still eat at restaurants, just not fast food. I will also try to make better food choices at restaurants.

3. No bad words. This will probably be the hardest because I have a potty mouth.

4. No Facebook. I did this last year and let God fill up all of my extra time. It was so rewarding… I won’t be giving up Twitter but I did go through and in follow a bunch of accounts that didn’t enrich me spiritually. Twitter is like my religion newsfeed for the most part now. I will however be limiting my time on Twitter to before 8am and after 8pm.

5. Exercise. After my fast is over, I will do some sort of exercise each day.

6. Stop hiding. I will be photographed each day of Lent. I tried to find a picture of myself yesterday for something and I haven’t been in any pictures in about 6 months. I think I will regret never being in family pictures someday…

So there it is. I guess I should put in a disclaimer here since I plan to go public with this that these are things that I think God wants for me. Everyone has their own journey. I believe that God had blessed me so abundantly… The very least I can do is let him show me how awesome life is when I’m entirely open to Him.

Here’s how much I love having my picture taken:



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