Junk Food Junkie

I recently read a book titled Made To Crave. There was some really good stuff in there, but the outcome has been that now I totally beat myself up over every package of yellow zingers. It has been revealed to me that I’m putting my sweet tooth between me and God. The book spouted a steady stream of bible verse after bible verse related to food that I totally didn’t follow. The book says you should repeat a few positive affirmations they give you to help you deal with food cravings. The very first day after I completed the book, I went there. I was dying for a frosty. Truly dying… So I
prayed for the strength to fight through it. A few minutes later… Corbin and I are sitting in the drive-thru at Wendy’s. After a long long wait I get up to the window, and they only prepared 1 frosty for the two of us. It actually worked! I left without my frosty. I’m such a freaking junkie I have NEVER repeated that process again. I’m scared to death to beat this apparently. I am so freaking jacked up! I think I need to read the darn book again or something…

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